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Shows at Rosebud BMO Stage
Dreams of Kings and Carpenters. Created by Ron Reed with music by Allen Des Noyers
A magical and honest re-telling of the Christmas Story, full of heart and all the joys and challenges around the birth of a Saviour.
Nov. 28 - Dec. 21 Thurs to Sat. at 4:30pm

And more
Do you know a drama teacher who needs some inspiration and encouragement? Contact.

Stay a night...or more in Rosebud.

For a special wedding or reunion or so you can take off and explore nearby or just because you don’t fancy the drive home...

Rosebud Country Inn

Refresh yourself in style at the Rosebud Country Inn or at the numerous bed and breakfasts nearby. Check out the Rosebud Country Inn’s Video...and pass it on!! Ask for group rates at Rosebud Theatre.

Other Places to stay

For a more intimate setting, check out the many Bed and Breakfasts in and around Rosebud.

A video for the Rose Cottage Bed and Breakfast is located here. And also a video for the Arbour Guest House here

Rosebud Community (Memorial) Hall

Rent the Rosebud Hall for larger groups and take advantage of its small gym, ball diamond, playground and kitchen facilities. Perfect for a family reunion as there is a roomy camping area on the grounds.

Culture and More in Rosebud

Want a unique vacation experience? Explore locally...

See it for yourself or through the artist’s eyes

The valley itself has wonderful views - take a walk and follow the 12 signs for our Historical Walking Tour. The map is available at the Rosebud Museum.

Visual art experiences at Val Speer’s studio:  or

Meet other Rosebud artists: google  "artists of rosebud"

Classical Music Weekend - Rosebud Chamber Music Festival - meet international artists:

Outdoor Music Festival 15 Minutes of Fame - Rosebud’s own folk festival:

Music Jams at the Thorny Rose or Do your own presentation on one of our outdoor stages

See how a musical instrument is built:

Rosebud Theatre’s back-lot tours:  sets, props, costumes

Rosebud Trains Unlimited - see them next to Thorny Rose Cafe phone 403 677 2233

Visit galleries and craft shops:

Attend Rosebud’s own film festival or visit Smoke Signal Studio:

Staff members of Rosebud School of the Arts volunteer to facilitate engagement events, pending availability. Tour RSA learning spaces. Any tips received will support the RSA Student Aid or Scholarship Fund. Contact: Maki Van Dyke:
Text: 403-821-0037. Email:

Let’s Explore Becoming a Rosebuddy

Rosebud, Alberta  –  Our Common Narrative

Rosebud as the Cultural Heart of the Canadian Badlands. 

Join a community of confident skills and varied interests. Together we create safe place for its citizens and guests that is creative and resilient. We are committed to be a welcoming home for all.

Explore is a valley full of stories and longings: stories of nomadic people living here since the last Great Ice Age, stories of vast migrations, of settlers who came to start new lives, stories of cowboys who built sprawling ranches, of the last great open-range cattle round-up, stories of building a farming community, stories of rural survival in the face of overwhelming international urbanization.  Rosebud’s unique cultural history has flourished as a national treasure.

Rosebud has attracted writers, composers, artists, families and international friends. In winter its snow covered valley waits for the summer’s blaze of glory. But during all seasons it is open for new friends.

Today Rosebud’s heart is its citizens who tell these stories, at home or on the world’s stages networking with other creative people. It is its farmers whose productivity feeds a hungry world. Come, celebrate with us in festivals and country living.

We inviteyou to hear its stories, see its beauty and share in its community values. Be a citizen for a day, or a lifetime. Come away for a little while from the stress of urban pressures, or the sadness of faltering communities. Let us become part of your story, and you part of ours.  Come as a student to study here. Bring your children, who with wide-eyed wonder will travel to times only imagined. Spend hours floating down our lazy river or visiting our rural attractions. Why visit any other place when we long to have you here?

Why raise your family, or build your business, or launch you career anywhere else?
Rosebud is a quaint and out of the way place, but also a global centre attracting talent and visitors from around the world.