Culture and More in Rosebud

Visual art experiences at Val Speer’s studio:  or

See Akokiniskway Gallery’s summer show

Meet other Rosebud artists: google  "artists of rosebud"

Learn about the the main stage show in the Opera house and/or short plays on the BMO Stage:

Attend the Rosebud Chamber Music Festival and meet international artists:

Attend 15 Minutes of Fame - Rosebud’s own folk festival:

Rosebud Theatre’s back-lot tours:  sets, props, costumes

Rosebud Trains Unlimited 403–677–2233

Music sing-a-long or do your own presentation on one of our outdoor stages

Sunday Jam on the Festival Stage –weather permitting, and enough musicians attending

Visit galleries and craft shops

Attend Rosebud’s own film festival or visit Smoke Signal Studio:

See how a musical instrument is built:

Staff members of Rosebud School of the Arts volunteer to facilitate engagement events, pending availability. Tour RSA learning spaces. Any tips received will support the RSA Student Aid or Scholarship Fund. Contact: Maki Van Dyke: Text: 403-821-0037. Email:

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Music is the language of the spirit...

If you come to any local gathering, you could be excused for the impression that everyone is musical in Rosebud.

From local church services in four-part harmony to Christmas concerts with three or four local choirs to impromptu serenading on the streets and wherever - Rosebud is full of music.

It's not so surprising to find out that one of the requirements of attending the Rosebud School of the Arts is being a part of the choir. For those who are in the general community The Masterworks Choir under the direction of Bill Hamm performs challenging classics such as Hadyn's "Creation". If you audition, you just might make the award winning Rosa Cantorum.

Nearly every musical style is found among from rock to pop, opera to easy listening, you just have to ask.