Becoming a Rosebuddy

Rosebud, Alberta    –   Our Common Narrative

Rosebud is the Cultural Heart of the Canadian Badlands.    It is a grateful heart that longs for an abundant future. 

Rosebud is a community of confident skills and varied interests.  It is a safe place for its citizens and guests.   It is creative and resilient.   It is committed to be a welcoming home for all.

It is a valley full of stories and longings: stories of nomadic people living here since the last Great Ice Age, stories of vast migrations, of settlers who came to start new lives, stories of cowboys who built sprawling ranches, of the last great open-range cattle round-up, stories of building a farming community, stories of rural survival in the face of overwhelming international urbanization.  Rosebud’s unique cultural history has flourished as a national treasure.

Rosebud has attracted writers, composers, artists, families and international friends.  In winter its snow covered valley waits for the summer’s blaze of glory.   But during all seasons it is open for friendship.

Today Rosebud’s heart is citizens who tell these stories, at home or on the world’s stages networking with other creative people.  It is farmers whose productivity feeds a needy world.  Rosebud is a community of friendship with hearts open to welcome you.  Come celebrate with us in festivals and country living.

Rosebud invites the world to hear its stories, see its beauty and share in its community values.  It invites you to be a citizen for a day, or a lifetime.  Come away for a little while from the stress of urban pressures, or the sadness of faltering communities.   Let us become part of your story, and you part of ours.  Come as a student to study here.  Bring your children, who with wide-eyed wonder will travel to times only imagined.   Spend hours floating down our lazy river or visiting our rural attractions. Why visit any other place when we long to have you here?

Why raise your family, or build your business, or launch you career anywhere else?
Rosebud might seem like a quaint and distant place, but we are a global centre attracting talent and visitors from around the world. 

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